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Canadian Forest Owners (CFO) strives to balance the public interest and private property rights within a policy and incentive framework that encourages responsible stewardship.


A United Voice On Federal Policy Issues

Canadian Forest Owners (CFO) was formed through the amalgamation of the Canadian Federation of Woodlot Owners and the Canadian Association of Forest Owners.
The Federation of Woodlot Owners represented small, family-owned woodlots across Canada and the Association of Forest Owners represented larger, industrial owners.

Now as a single organization, we work together to represent Canadian forest owners, large and small.
CFO represents many of the 450,000 woodlot owners across Canada who own woodlots that average 30 to 40 hectares in size. These woodlots add up to about 19 million hectares of private forest land. 

In addition, CFO represents the larger forest owners who own about 3 million of the 6 million hectares of private industrial forest land, and manage an additional 15 million hectares of provincial Crown land. One commonality is most of these forests are located in Canada’s most populated regions and represent a significant component of our settled natural landscape. For example, about one third of Canada’s population lives in southern Ontario where 90% of the forests are privately owned and managed.

While the 25 million hectares of private forest land is only six percent of Canada’s forest, it produces over ten percent of Canada’s forest products.

This land is a significant contributor to the environment, economy, and rural communities and all CFO members rely on resources and income generated from their private forest land.

Our Purpose

CFO strives to balance the public interest and private property rights within a policy and incentive framework that fosters responsible stewardship.

Providing the essential elements that promote the viability of private forests and encourage sustainable forest management, CFO coordinates landowner interaction with government agencies to ensure that legislation and policy decisions are well informed and consider the potential impacts on privately owned lands.

At any one time there are a variety of active federal and provincial programs and legal and policy initiatives that may affect private forest landowners and related stakeholders. CFO provides a platform for all members to share knowledge on research, environmental policy, stewardship and land value enhancement that improves the health and value of their private forest resources


The CFO Board is elected every two-years and is made up of four Officers:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Association Secretary
  • Treasurer

The Board also includes eight Directors who represent the following:

  • Association Chamber (4)
  • Corporate Chamber (4)

The CFO Board works by consensus and the Chair and Vice Chair positions alternate between the Association Chamber and the Corporate Chamber.

Download the complete CFFO Terms of Reference document.

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