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Canadian Woodlot Owners and Forest Owners Unite Into Single Organization

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April 28, 2021

Canadian Woodlot Owners and Forest Owners Unite Into Single Organization
New Association Promotes the Economic and Social Interests of
Canadian Private Forest Land Owners

Ottawa, Ontario — The Canadian Federation of Forest Owners (CFFO) today announced the successful completion of the amalgamation of the Canadian Federation of Woodlot Owners and the Canadian Association of Forest Owners.  

Today, more than 25 million hectares of Canada’s managed forest land are privately owned, 80% of which is comprised of small, family-owned private woodlots. As a single organization, CFFO will coordinate landowner interaction with government agencies at the national level to ensure that legislation and policy decisions are well informed about potential impacts on privately owned lands. All CFFO members rely on resources and income generated by private forest land. 

“The role of CFFO and its members is to promote the economic and social interests of Canadian private forest landowners in sustainable management,” said Christopher Lee, CFFO’s Managing Director. “We strive to balance the public interest and private property rights within a policy and incentive framework that fosters responsible stewardship. No one cares more about the inter-generational and sustainable management of their lands than the thousands of private forest landowners and their families across Canada.” 

While private forest land makes up 12% of Canada’s forest, we produce over 18% of Canada’s forest products – making a significant contribution to the environment, economy, and rural communities,” said Domenico Iannidinardo, Chair of the CFFO Board of Directors. 

 “I look forward to working to ensure that government policy decisions affecting private forest lands are made with a fair and appropriate level of respect for property rights, while providing a platform for all members to collaborate on shared opportunities,” said CFFO Vice Chair Susannah Banks.  

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About the Canadian Federation of Forest Owners  
The Canadian Federation of Forest Owners (CFFO), located in Ottawa, Ontario, is a national federation of forest owners promoting economic and social interests in sustainable management by representing views through a united national voice. For more information, visit

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